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Kazzue Cherish Series
3 Months Disposable Colour Contact lens
Customer Reviews

Seriously im in love with the lens ! Usually mata i sensitif pakai lens je pedih mula merah2 yg ni bila pakai mcm xrase apa btw thankyouu pnghantaran pun lajuuu.

27 November 2019
harga berpatutan...seller baik menjawap setiap pertanyaan...barang dibungkus dgn baik...
27 November 2019

Terima kasih. Terbaik la. Mmg permintaan betul dn terima kasih atas free gift. Lain kali boleh repeat order.

27 November 2019

Nicely packing. This is my 2nd purchased. Will return again. Hopefully always have good deals

24 November 2019