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How To Choose The Perfect Choice For contact lens ? Big Eyes? Color or Clear?

How To Choose The Perfect Choice For contact lens ? Big Eyes? Color or Clear?

Many question that we get everyday , when we chat with customer , about what is good for your eyes , either is diameter , color or clear , what type of contact lens ? I think i know the feel , because as admin and as a contact  lens user , myself also having same question. Working as contact lens seller or online contact lens seller give me opportunity to try all lenses . and i can try to tell you guys my experience with all the lens wink!

For skipping all the explanation Scroll down to very down to get the conclusion  okay ? So .. for now .. 


For now we begin with  Basic knownledge about  lenses. I know , I know too many working make to lazy to read whole thing , next time admin will try to make video for u guys ! but first :

What is contact lens ?

Contact lens have many type , 3 Main Categories :

  •  Soft contact lens 
  • Rigid Gas Permeable  (RGP) ( Only can be prescribe by Optom or your eyes doctor)
  • Hybrid contact lens

What we will talk about is mostly is Soft contact lens , made of pliabe hydrophillic ( water loving ) material call hydrogels, From many journey to what contact lens that we wear now .. most people in the world is using soft contact lens  and the one that u guys can purchase online  is Soft contact lens . Many people find them comfortable to wear  than hard lens , easy to adapt , But more fragile than hard lens .

Soft contact lens made using soft plastic , that allow us as user to wear in many occassion in ease , without feeling something on the our eyes . Soft contact lens then have many choice  either color or clear.

Color lens usually using sandwitch method ( 3 layer of lens surface ) than clear lens which is mostly using only 1 layer ( only sphere power) , so if make comparison base on this color and clear lens , clear lens is thinner , Fun Fact : More thinner the lens , more you feel there is no lens in your eyes so u feel comfortable , but some people also need thicker lens also ( such as like the person who cooking , working in hot enviroment , or people who rough  and need thicker lens for more studier hold) . The lens can  be wear only for 8 to 10 Hour aday more than that usually it will result dry eyes)

Now lens have many type , again cheeky Base on how many day / Month u Wear :

  • Daily lens ( 1 day Disposable ) , Wear only  1day then throw away at night without storing and convinient for the person who doing sport activity , or on in a while dinner party , or the one who have severe dry eyes case . Why? Daily lens is the most thinner lens ,remember the funfact? Thinner lens is comfortable to wear , and also FUNFACT #2 : choose lower water content  , more lower water content , more thinner the lens . Base of this , for the one who wnat to try getting more comfort to their eyes wearing contact lens , try lower water content and daily clear lens , suppose to be very good combination , base on admin experience and our offline customer . Color  lens also avaible in lower water content also ( daily one) ,BUT normally daily lens is costly more that  Monthly lens , More , so get ready to ripped off pocket abit for most comfort level  FUNFACT#3 : base of our customer experience the one who already  wear daily contact lens , hard to switch to Monthly lens , but still similar or if the lens almost kind of same level comfort maybe can switch ( such as 1 month lens with lower water content)
  • 2 Week / Monthly Lens ( 1 Month Disposable lens) , in Our store , the most popular one  , it hygine , cheap , avaible in many size diameter , water content , color , material, if Admin break down more , likely u will read this until morning hehehe , so briefly :

Most use Material : Polymacon lens , Hema lens , PolyHema , Silicone Hydrogel [SiHy] lens ( Silicone lens is the one that all big brand use and 6x more attract oxygen to our eyes and can wear longer hour [ 14 hour ] more than other contact lens material) , but still not said , SiHy is the best , some people can be allergic to eat and only can wear like polymacon lens ( which is save and  been wear  by million people) example of brand : Bausch&Lomb Softlens 38 using polymacon lens , Alcon air optix , using SiHy lens.

Diameter : 14mm to 14.5mm  is the recommended size from our optician , more bigger lens usually not giving us more comfort , and cover more to our eyes , but in the market sell like  15mm , 18mm , 17mm and even 22mm , all of this is for cosmetic purpose .. me myself as asian having small eyes , really take abit of me , my self admin like to wear 14.5mm to 16mm above , even if compare for comfort i like 14mm more , but 15mm bigger and nicer,erdevil for my own opinion heheh  . All people will have their own favorite lens diameter

Water content : like just now we mention we did say lower and higher , How to see it?

  1.  Low Water content ( Less than 40%)
  2.  Medium Water Content ( 50 to 60%)
  3. Higher water content ( more than 60%)
  • 3 Month lens / 6 month lens , mostly can be found with big diameter lens , or make as crazy lens or cosplay lens for special occassion , or many from china made lens which is more to price than comfort to wear  , myself more to 1 month lens ,  more clean and no need to wear in such long time and i can change more often the lens hehe , can be said also as the price , 3month lens tend to be cheaper than other . but not said 3 month lens is no good ! , Admin also like to Cosplay , so also like to wear Crazy lens 3 month  lens is thicker than other lens , suitable for the person who rough use the lens , cooking and working under hot enviroment .

FUNFACT#4 : Thinner lens is fragile and easy to broke than thicker lens ( 3 month lens ) Base of our Man customer , too big hand , too rough us , too rough clean the lens easy to  broken , so can be using the higher water content tan 38% or use 3 month lens for less broken lenses.


Now We go to How to Take care lens Topic : Cleaning , Storing , Deep Clean 

Soft Contact lens have many type of cleaning solution , such as : 

  • Saline 
  • Multi- purpose Solution ( 2 type with HPMC only or with HA+)
  • Cleaner Solution ( act as a soap)
  • Hydrogen Peroxide type Solution ( clean more throughly the protein built up and NOT FOR COLOR LENS)

Okay maybe  this is last topic so we get down 

1. Saline  , is a simple saltwater solution that can be used to rinse off contact lenses  before inserting them to your eyes . Saline does not contain any cleaning agent ans should NEVER be use for storing , disinfecting contact for extended period of time . Saline solution be suggested to use by our eye care specialist of our optician together use with Multi-Purpose solution

2. Multi purpose solution , is a solution that mostly for the purpose of disinfecting, cleaning protein build up and cleaning  contact lens .Though different brands offer different specific ingredients, most contain a preservative, a buffer, a binding agent, and a wetting agent. Some people did not use Saline and MPS , instead using only MPS to rinse off the lens and also storing ,  not said no good , but better using saline to rinse as saline no preservative and no chemical so it safe for our eyes . 2type again the solution HPMC & with HA+ , Briefly said : HPMC type is the normal solution for most lens like color and clear depend what brand that u use 

HA+ type solution , is Hyaluronic Acid , for moisturize more your eyes & enhance lens wettability and comfort , Silicone hydrogel lens Only can use with HA+ type solution , base of our customer story also and myself try to use end no good.. so choose what solution for your lens . not all lens is good for color lens & even SiHy lens.

3. Cleaner , is not mandatory to be use for taking care our contact lens , but for some case when u want totally cleaning your lens. While we using lens sometime the lens that we wear willhaving protein built up , which is will cause blurry vision on our contact lens ,  it can  be avoid by regulary washing our lens more , but sometime our eyes produce more (somekind like eyes poop ) or  balance from our make up that go inside our lens , which out MPS can clean already , so we can us Cleaner ! . Cleaner act like a soap , just put one drop and wa la ! eh eh wait .. u need rub the lens like  u wash the dishes  and then rinse using SALINE and NOT USE TAP water , we also selling one of the best brand of cleaner , AVIZOR LIPID CLEAN . Cleaner is safe using with Color or clear lens and can be use long time . after using it your lens will feel like new packing lens 

4. Hydrogen peroxide System Solution , is another type like Cleaner , but more to use by clear lens user , and ADMIN NOT RECOMMEND USE for COLOR LENS . the solution using peroxide to kill all the bacteria and remove protein build , and can be said the most cleaning solution , but it too hasle to use .. 2 hour before can be use .. the solution need to use togeher with oxy tablet to remove the peroxide before wear again after cleaning , but  again same feeling , after 2 hour cleaning the lens feel like new lens again . This solution use more by yearly or   clear lens user .  We selling also this solution , 
Avizor Brand ,Avizor  ever Clean 


Okay that it my long explanation about what is the lens , from all of this , we need to know what kind of lens that we want to wear , what material , what diameter , water content , what solution that we use and also we need to pay attension more to cleanest when wearing contact lens than glasses .




Conclussion for Now : Admin  Own Favorite Choice : Big eyes look 14.5mm, lower water content , 1 month lens & Silicone hydrogel lens , This is my type of lens that i will use .

dry eyes person , try too use daily lens and lower water content , if still cant wear , or not comfortable ... man u have really tough case here , use with Eyedrop ( for contact lend one & if can with HA+ one ) &use with HA+ solution together if u using 1 month lens

 try all thse method , some person just only can wear a really short hour even wearing the  best selling lens on the market which is  very good and trusted all over the user over the world ,it just .. u have REALLY severe case of dry eyes , or u have some eyes issue ( cornea ulcer) etc , so it just impossible wear contact lens for longer hour .. so in this case , this type of person , just wear contact lens on your own risk and by your eyes doctor instruction and also your own risk ,u still can wear on your special occassion for awhile , but maybe just wear glasses ...cool