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What Does the Base Curve on Contact lens Mean?



What is the Base Curve Mean on a contact lens?

Many people wondering what does the base curve mean when they purchasing their contact lens, maybe if purchasing from the store, the optician will give us a basic trivia for contact lens, alongside with do or don't for contact lens. For the one purchase their lens on the store , your optometrist or optician will need to do an eye exam 

The contact lens that we purchase both from online or from respectful spectacles shop, all of the contact lens clear or color lens have this information listed on their packaging to make us easier to see which their product is suitable for our eyes.

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according to Wikipedia

The base curve is the radius of the sphere of the back of the lens that the prescription describes (the lower the number, the steeper the curve of the cornea and the lens, the higher the number, the flatter the curve of the cornea and the lens). 

if Base curve fit correctly on the contact lens that we purchase , it will make less irregular movement , minimize discomfort ,prevent blurred vision while wearing contact lens 


for more accurate to measure your BC , please consult with your optometrist and let you have professional eyes exam .

Normal or most color lens on the market sell the contact lens in 8.6mm or 8.7mm base curve.


Some brand like Acuvue from Johnson& johson Lenses is different, they give the user choice either is 8.4mm or 8.8mm for the base curve / 8.5mm or 9.00 



is that information help you ? 

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